Here's to a successful 2019!

Here's to a successful 2019!
 Have you ever set New Years resolutions, only to get frustrated or fail? You're in good company, most of us have!
Here's an alternative: Consider why you set each one & replace them with an "intention".  For example a resolution to "work out in the gym regularly" becomes an intention when you add".....because it will be fun to be able to get down easier on the floor & play with my grandkids.".  Another option is "I'm willing to go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, so I can thoroughly enjoy my trip to France! I'll have the endurance to walk all day & visit the beautiful sights I want to see."

A common resolution is to say "I'm going to lose 15lbs." Instead add the reason(s) "... so I can fit into that expensive pair of jeans I feel great in!" or "… as I'm looking forward to tapering off those medicines my Dr. said I won't need when losing those extra pounds." See how different it is when you've included your why & how you will feel? I encourage you to state your intention(s) aloud daily, they are what carries your heart motivation & will keep you on track. 

 Do  set small specific attainable weekly or monthly goals, yet striving for perfection, if  the goals are unmet, will only put undue pressure on yourself & likely set you back. Keep your focus & words on your heart intention & before you know it, you'll make great progress, with little or no setbacks.  

Did you know Young Living offers various Essential Oils to help "lock in your intentions" deeper into your psyche? Many articles have been written, including  from, about how our Olfactory System (sense of smell) is the only sensory system that affects the Amygdala & Limbic System, our primary pathway to our emotions.  Our sense of smell has a powerful influence & can bring back long forgotten memories to instant recall!    Consider our wonderful blends of oils  like " Motivation", "Envision", "Transformation", "Valor" will help you move forward in a profound way! 

If you live in N. King or S. Snohomish counties, I'm offering a free 1/2 hour "intentions" lock in session, it will be fun & encouraging! You'll get to experience the Purity Difference of Young Living oils, through these great blends. Email me at or PM me on Facebook & lets get you on your way to your best year ever! 

PS If you'd like to understand more about intentions here's a couple of great articles.

A Winter Wellness Wonder - Thieves

A Winter Wellness Wonder - Thieves
It's that time of year again, the turn of the weather means time to prepare & fortify your wellness arsenal!  Young Living's created a line of products from our most popular Flagship Thieves Essential Oil Blend.  This Warm & Spice and everything nice blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Lemon gives you everything you need for any kind of day! 

 Thieves Vitality is a great place to start.  It's safe to ingest, so you can support your immune system right away!  Just add a drop to a spoonful of honey &/or with tea that has cooled for 3-4 minutes.  Consider adding a drop to your warm salt water gargle.

Thieves Cough Drops are powerfully targeted to relieve a cough, soothe a sore throat, and cool nasal passages.  With Menthol, its triple action formula provides you with the pure relief you seek, with no artificial ingredients nor sugar added. (a winter favorite of 1,000''s, have made them temporarily out of stock)

*** NEW!!!  For on-the-go aromatic relief & topical cleansing properties, try our pre-diluted Thieves Roll-on.  Apply it to your wrists or the back of your neck for an extra dose of relief during rush hour traffic or while on a long road trip.  Keep it with you to purify stuffy air anywhere! 

Cleanse and purify your hands with 100% pure Nature, using our Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier.  It's convenient, portable, long-lasting & moisturizing,  with no sticky residue! It's enhanced with the fresh scent of Peppermint Oil. Available as a single, 3 pack or large 7.6 oz pump. 

To purify surfaces: shopping carts, public restrooms, airplanes, hotel rooms, etc., try our on -the-go, travel friendly Thieves Spray! This 1 oz. spray packs a punch & comes as a single or 3 pack. 

Consider there's a reason Thieves is made into so many products & get the best of collection in our Thieves Premium Starter Kit, you'll save $$$ & be qualified for all future orders at 24% off for life * 


So many of us have received great benefit from our long lasting Cool Azule Pain Relief Cream (item #5759),  want to know why? I've included a video here as to how it works. 

It's always a good idea to support ones cartilage & joints, because we use our wrists, hips & knees, in particular, quite a bit everyday. Young Living is the rare company that includes pure safe Essential Oils in a unique way in our supplements. The reason for this is bio-availability increases & the E. Oils in of themselves, are highly beneficial.  After years of research, AgilEase is available to give incredible support!!  Prior to it's availability, I tried many Tumeric formulas, teas, tinctures, etc. , none ever matched AgilEase.  As I looked at the research, there's much more to how the formulation was made that makes it so very effective, click on the link to read more.

So if one isn't already a wholesale customer, I recommend ordering a wholesale membership, explore our various kits, including our Basic Starter Kit at low price of $45. It will allow you to get these items at 24% off for life.  You'll love getting the bottle of Stress Away E. Oil in that kit, along with other great goodies, as life & pain brings  stress, so when we relax, it helps everything go better! 



I'm often asked which Essential Oil to use for a certain issue.  Since I'm not an Dr., the answer is none. A better question to consider is, what one can do to give their body healthy building blocks. Getting enough sleep, exercise & healthy foods are of great help. Additionally, Nature, in the form of Essential Oils, can be very supportive toward the goal of:


It's also vital to look at one's toxin exposure. Many mainline organizations are warning our homes are becoming more polluted than outdoor air!!! With cancer on the rise, could applying 60+ toxic personal care products to our bodies daily, be a contributor? Cleaning, laundry & home care products are often unhealthy as well. These can cause loss of energy, hormone disruption & more.

  What to do? Join millions by using our Young Living Lifestyle Essential Oil Infused Products!! We offer glorious, long lasting personal care products, including a pure line of Make-up.  Our 100% plant based (very concentrated) Thieves Cleaner, costs less than any so called "green" cleaner. No worries to buy it all at once, instead "ditch & switch" through our Rewards Program. A good start would be ordering  the Thieves Cleaner, Toothpaste & change out more items each month. That way your not spending extra, your replacing your products as you run out, with healthier ones. It's a win, win, for you, as you'll also earn points toward free product(s)! 

Unique Exotic Gifts for Your Beloved

Here's the featured items, prices  & a few other ideas: 
* if you are not a member & desire to save 24% off your current & future purchases (similar but better than Costco) the  Premium Starter Kit: With nearly 1,000 drops of 11 Essential Oils + extra items, is our best value , the ONLY 50% off retail purchase we offer for $160. For details, see  https://www.youngliving.com_enUS/products/premium-starter-kit-with-dewdrop
Another option, is to order the Basic Starter Kit,$45,, then add your own gift products.
 R=Retail, non-member price W= wholesale member price. 5ml bottles are about 85 drops, 15ml about 250 drops.  
Value Alert: Our oils are known to be long lasting, due to their strength, which is why a little goes a long way.

Essential Oil for Him:  Shutran (15ml $ R 101.64, W 77.25)  Idaho Blue Spruce (5ml $ R 38.82, W 29.50)
For Her: Sensation (5ml $ R 45.07, W 34.25) , Ylang ,Ylang (15ml $ R 55.26, W 42.00) (Comes in a lotion & Massage Oil) 
                     ART Beauty Mask (ingredients used for "Royalty",  think Cleopatra & Queens of renown)   4 pack($ R 62.50 w 47.50)
Desert Mist Diffuser, a romantic way to use the oils in your bedroom ($ R 83.88, W 63.75)   

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