As the weather changes and more of us are spending more time indoors with others, are you wanting to feel your best, how about your family members?
Do you feel your wellness stash is as effective as you'd like?  Many of us are using our "Thieves" * products, to either avoid the effect of the various "yukkies" going around, or lessen them.

Why not consider what literally million's are using, after all there's a reason our Thieves Oil is the #1 sought after formula around. All our products are pure 100% Nature based (not synthetic).  They're produced by  Young Living, 29 years the World Leader in Essential Oils, with nearly 700 offerings to fit your desires! If you'd prefer to see all our offerings, click "shop here" on the top of this website. 

Here's the Link  to our Thieves, as well as another favorite, our Eucalyptus line, though Thieves contains it.  Unsure what's the best fit or have questions, use the contact form at the top and I'll get back to you! 

 * Wondering what this odd name "Thieves" about? Thieves® is a legendary blend of essential oils and is formulated with Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary, which provide immune support and cleansing properties when taken internally. 
Some ways to use it is to add it to honey and either/or enjoy it on a spoon, add it to tea, on toast, oatmeal or as desired. (Yet not at a boiling temp., cool down 4minutes, before adding the Thieves to keep the properties alive)  It comes in a Cough drop form that's so handy for wherever you are. At the 1st throat tickle, when on a plane or after being exposed, it's a perfect time to pop one in, you need not to wait for a cough. 
Whats the difference between the lozenges & the cough drops? Should the seasonal demand cause the cough drops to be out of stock- the lozenges are the other option, they have just a bit less menthol in them.

Note: This video is a short overview of the Thieves product line, yet not all the available offerings to help to stay above the wellness line.


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