While it's in stock, you may want to consider ordering our Young Living's 100% plant based Insect Repellent. Many customers continue to testify as to it's efectiveness in outperforming others, including those made with harsh toxic chemicals. It passed laboratory testing showing it effectively prevents mosquito, flea, and tick bites. 

I'm often asked if ordering just Citronella Essential Oil would work to deter bugs. It might, yet it took a lot of formulating to find the right combination of ingredients to include in our repellent, so it's strong enough to do the job, if used according to the directions.
By all means, try the Citronella for lighter situations, or better yet, Peppermint Essential Oil offers additional benefits. You''ll like it's cooling effects when added to a spray bottle with some water. Though Peppermint Oil it isn't a "Bug Spray", it seems to deters crawlers, as well. Maybe spiders just aren't fond of it's smell, as they seem not to come around for a few months, after I've sprayed my molding, window areas, closets, etc. 

Be sure to remember, everything you order is long-lasting and truly comes from the #1 Essential Oil Company in the World, so quality counts. Here's a handy dandy LINK to view your options. 


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