Gifts around $25 or under

Gifts around $25 or under
1. Essential Oils:
A. Bring in the Sunshine with 2 or 3 of our Vitality Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Tangerine or Citrus Fresh.
Tasty in beverages & recipes like Guacamole, Chicken or Citrus Icing.  
B.  For Fresh Woodsy blends consider Christmas Spirit, Sacred Mountain, Grounding or  Pine.

2. For Women: Lavender Shower Gel or Hand & Body Lotion or our moisturizing  Lip gloss gift set of 4. 

3. For the Men: Mix & match any 2 Moisturizing soaps:  Peppermint-Cedarwood or Sacred Mountain. 
Bring on the sheen with our Shutran Beard Oil, moisturizes the skin & enhances courage & masculinity

4. Delight the international Chocolate Connoisseur with two Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate bars infused with essential Oils of either Cinnamon, Nutmeg or Clove & or Tangerine/Ginger. 

Thieves, it gives, not takes. Fall, Winter, Spring

Thieves,  it gives, not takes. Fall, Winter, Spring

It's that time of year we want to have a strong immune system. Young Living has created many products from our Thieves Essential Oil for your use.  Here's some of my favorites, besides of course Thieves Essential Oil (250 potent drops #3423)  Thieves Vitality (85Drop #5631), safe enough to ingest.

Thieves Spray (Single #3265 or Handy 3 Pack #3266).

Our long-lasting, moisturizing Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier (single 1oz purse size #3261, 3-pack #3622, or new 7.6 oz Home/Office size #5142).

Choose either of our long lasting no sugar formulas of  Thieves Hard Lozenges (#3282) or our similar Thieves Essential Oil Infused Cough Drops (#5760)

Thieves Household Cleaner (3743) So concentrated it replaces most every cleaning product you'll need at pennies per use, less than retail brands, non-toxic & plant based. Smells amazing, safe around pets & children.

Natures Therapeutic Solutions including Lavender

Natures Therapeutic Solutions including Lavender

Throughout history, botanical sources have improved health and enhanced quality of life.  The most powerful are the amazing properties of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. Regarded as the "essence" of a plant, essential oils possess complex constituents (components).  This is the beauty of why Lavender Oil, for example, is so versatile.  Go beyond thinking  night time, think stress relief instead, anytime anywhere, to help function at your peak!    Some of the other benefits are calming sore muscles, respiratory support as well as many ways to use for skin care, whether dry or oily.   

"When in doubt, use Lavender!"  



A Better way & F.D.A. Antibacterial ban

A Better way & F.D.A. Antibacterial  ban
Some of you may have seen the recent news, including the F.D.A.'s warning that Antibacterial Soaps likely do more harm than good. Of course this will apply at some point to "Hand Sanitizers.  Are you ready to stop trusting what's on the store shelves & instead  say no to as many of the 168 chemicals most people put on their bodies on a daily basis?  I'm here to help!  
1. What if there's a Nature-Filled alternative to chemically laden products?
2.  What if it's long-lasting, with a truly clean immune enhancing formula?
3. What if it makes your hands feel soft, rather than dry or sticky?
4.  What if 2 or 3 drops provides ample coverage
5. What if it smells refreshing & uplifting?
Our Thieves Hand Purifier has all those great features to offer you in 2 sizes.
Our purse size available as a single or 3-pack, or our new 7 1/2 oz. pump, perfect for office, home or both.








Simple Step 1

Simple Step 1

Add a few drops of our Essential Oils to any of our beautiful diffusers.  Save $$$$ by purchasing one as a part of our most ordered Premium Starter Kit. (see above for details).  It includes nearly 1,000 drops of the most popular & used Essential Oils, as well as other practical offerings. Some of the wonderful benefits are:

1. Creating a Spa like atmosphere with exotic E. Oils from around the world.
2. A revitalizing feeling, often increasing energy and clarity of thought.
3. For your evening, creating a relaxing & stress free zone.
4. Powerful plant properties to foster health & vitality.
5. Complete body systems support. (for immune, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, digestive, etc.)

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