Moving Forward

It's a New Year!
Did you know goal setting maybe helpful, yet setting intentions can change your life?!! 
What's the difference you may wonder. Here's a helpful explanation:

A goal is a benchmark of success or failure.  
When failure happens, as it does to many of us, you might view yourself as a failure, which could lead to depression or inaction.

An intention is a guiding principle or value with the benefits of:
                                                    - creating the life you love & the destiny were created for
                                                    - focusing on who you are in the moment & your desire to live out your values
                                                    - raises your emotional vibration, often resulting in physical energy 
                                                    - giving you purpose, as well as inspiration & the motivation to achieve it
                                                    - helps to set and achieve  your goals by assisting in manifesting them

                                 Whats your thoughts about which one would serve you better?


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