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A quick 1 minute listen as to how to keep children's Immune system in tip top shape. See recipes below.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great healthy snack, with minerals like Magnesium that are needed for about every body system to function well and Zinc for benefiting the Immune system. Here's a sure to be a hit, tasty recipe:Honey Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 
Did you know many studies indicate screen time to close to bedtime can disrupt the Circadian Sleep Rhythms? Consider at least 1 hour no screen not T.V. time before bed and experience the difference!

Want to join the millions of us who use the some of the best preventative 100% Nature filled botanicals in the World to stay well? watch these videos or checkout these links for options or contact me to suggest targeted solutions.

Summer Essentials

I hope your having the time of your life! I'm here to help you take care of those issues that arise ahead of time with an easy Summer Essentials List you can make sure all the bases are covered with just a few things that will make for smoother sailing.
Ugh, burns happen, either skin or tummy types are no fun, let's prevent those or spray the discomfort away, as well as calm that tummy from the BBQ foods or others.  Bugs and bites are a bummer and we have the best natural proven Insect Repellent around. Let's make sure to keep germs and other on the go clean-up needs taken care of. DOn't forgot our tasty way to add hydration to your water and more. Here's a list of items to consider  

Mens Gifts for Fathers Day, other Occasions or for every day use

There's a lot of men who've found we have wonderful products made just for them or that are less flowery. 
Men like the way either our empowering "Shutran" line or our "Valor" line, makes them feel!
- Shutran comes in a full personal care line and as an Essential Oil. 
- Valor comes in a bottle, Roll-on and/or Soap. 

Other favorites are mostly directly from our outdoor tree farms:
A. Idaho Blue Spruce  B. Northern lights Black Spruce   C. Pine Oil  
 D. Our Stress Away bottle or handy Roll-on is like a tropical type blend.

You'll find these options to peruse here:  Men's Gifts or daily use offerings 
  Keep in mind, our products outlast most any over the counter ones and the quality of our essential Oils are unmatched, why Young Living's 28 years the World Leader. 

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Pure Makeup on Sale!

Pure Makeup on Sale!
An exciting sale offering, up to 50% off!  Makeup should be all about letting your favourite features naturally shine! With Savvy Minerals by Young Living®, you can be confident you are part of The NEW Standard in Clean Beauty™.
Refresh your supply of Eyeshadow, Blush, Bronzer, Veil, Multitasker, Lip stick or Gloss, Mascara, quality brushes and more, all at amazing prices!  
We’ve not only banned* the mainstream questionable ingredients, but we've considered the naturally derived plant-based nourishment it needs. (*2,500, almost twice the ingredients the European Union disallows) 

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