Moving Forward

Moving Forward

It's a New Year!
Did you know goal setting maybe helpful, yet setting intentions can change your life?!! 
What's the difference you may wonder. Here's a helpful explanation:

A goal is a benchmark of success or failure.  
When failure happens, as it does to many of us, you might view yourself as a failure, which could lead to depression or inaction.

An intention is a guiding principle or value with the benefits of:
                                                    - creating the life you love & the destiny were created for
                                                    - focusing on who you are in the moment & your desire to live out your values
                                                    - raises your emotional vibration, often resulting in physical energy 
                                                    - giving you purpose, as well as inspiration & the motivation to achieve it
                                                    - helps to set and achieve  your goals by assisting in manifesting them

                                 Whats your thoughts about which one would serve you better?

2020 Holiday Ideas

Have fun making your own, or add our festive Essential Oils to your own that are absorbable,like wood, ceramic, foam or others and/or spritz on your tree, wreath or garlands. Our Pine Oil will not only bring the outdoors inside, as it's the real thing, yet has many other uses, see it here

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Here's the articles re the FDA Allowing (Very Toxic Impurities in Hand Sanitizers) & the FDA RE Antibacterial Soaps Doubtful & potential negative effects

Freedom Sleep & (emotional) release Collection

In addition to this highly effective collection, view it here Young Living offers one other helpful collection, see it here, as well as many individual emotional support Essential Oil Blends One of the easiest to use & favorite is our Stress Away Oil, also in a handy Roll-on form. Let's not forget Lavender Essential Oil is always a good one to consider, as it's great in skin & facial care as well.

Stress & Tension Reduction Technique & More

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