Mens Gifts for Fathers Day, other Occasions or for every day use

There's a lot of men who've found we have wonderful products made just for them or that are less flowery. 
Men like the way either our empowering "Shutran" line or our "Valor" line, makes them feel!
- Shutran comes in a full personal care line and as an Essential Oil. 
- Valor comes in a bottle, Roll-on and/or Soap. 

Other favorites are mostly directly from our outdoor tree farms:
A. Idaho Blue Spruce  B. Northern lights Black Spruce   C. Pine Oil  
 D. Our Stress Away bottle or handy Roll-on is like a tropical type blend.

You'll find these options to peruse here:  Men's Gifts or daily use offerings 
  Keep in mind, our products outlast most any over the counter ones and the quality of our essential Oils are unmatched, why Young Living's 28 years the World Leader. 

Note: To save 24% order either a total of 100PV, watch the brown box for indicators or choose 1 or more products from the flexible "Monthly Rewards (Subscribe to Save) program", that saving will show up in the checkout cart. 
Often, many of my clients have me help them order, simply send me a message from this site and I'll get a hold of you to answer your questions. 

Pure Makeup on Sale!

Pure Makeup on Sale!
An exciting sale offering, up to 50% off!  Makeup should be all about letting your favourite features naturally shine! With Savvy Minerals by Young Living®, you can be confident you are part of The NEW Standard in Clean Beauty™.
Refresh your supply of Eyeshadow, Blush, Bronzer, Veil, Multitasker, Lip stick or Gloss, Mascara, quality brushes and more, all at amazing prices!  
We’ve not only banned* the mainstream questionable ingredients, but we've considered the naturally derived plant-based nourishment it needs. (*2,500, almost twice the ingredients the European Union disallows) 

Mother's Day Gifts

Here's some lovely Mother's Day gifts for around $30-40. Did you know most store bought bath bombs are like soaking in a toxic chemical stew? Instead, buy pure Nature infused ones, lotions, or Essential Oils to show her you care! Hurry, time's of the essence! Peruse this Link for that price range and here's the Luxury gifts Link 


Did you know drinking enough water daily is crucial: to regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, prevent infectionsdeliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood.   Whether you're Weather is warm or cool, this still applies!

When I hear people say "But I don't like the taste of water!", it might be because they don't know there's an alternative, easy and healthy way to make it both tastier and more hydrating. Here's a video about it and and a Link you can peruse our many options!  


Are you wanting to feel your best, how about any of your family members?
Do you feel your wellness stash is up to date? Do you want to reduce stress &/or improve any of your or theirs sleep?
 If so, take a look at a few collections that are quick and easy to find all you'll need, as life is busy. 
Why not consider what literally Millions are using  because they help, they're pure Nature based (not synthetic), they're produced by a World Leader in Essential Oils and Wellness Related Offerings! If you'd prefer to see all our offerings, click "shop here" on this website. 

5. STRESS LESS & NIGHT TIME                               

16. C.B.D.   Videos:101 , Safety & Testing       

 FOR REALTORS & BROKERS              

 Here's 2 ways to Unlock 24% off Retail (wholesale price): 
1. Spend $100 P.V., selecting items from the "Individual Products" list (see brown box to right, it shows PV as you go), the 24% off is shown at check out, you'll get Free Shipping , plus 24% off all future orders for 1 year!

2. See "Add to subscribe to Save" category, add 1 or more items, fill out new client form, then in cart, indicate how often you'd like to receive the product, monthly, every two or three months & the discount will be unlocked! If you choose 100PV in any month, you'll get free shipping. (see Brown box to right, it tells you exactly where you are)     


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