Communication with ones furry friends about what they need to stay healthy or calm may at times  be  challenging.  There is however, hundreds of testimonies about how true therapeutic essential oils can help! Some of the most commonly used oils are:

1. For calming, courage, stress, separation issues, etc.:
 A. Valor II (#5326) B. Peace & Calming II (#5327) C.  Acceptance (#3303) D.  Surrender (#3424) E. Vetiver (#3651) (has an earthy scent) or, of course, F. Lavender (#3575) (T-Away is another, yet, due to fresh farm plant sourcing, it is out of stock)
2. For uplifting,  training or concentration:
 A. Citrus Fresh (#3318) B. Orange (#3602) C. Joy (#(#3372)  
 3. For mental wellness or older dogs: Clarity (#3321), as well as Citrus Fresh or Orange  
The nice thing is, not only your will your pet enjoy these oils, you will be able to use them for yourself as well! See our blog for how to tips
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