In the same month you order your Kit, if someone you know wants one too, Young Living rewards you the following month with a thank you check of $50. (other order types may qualify for different amounts) No worries this does not obligate you to sell, nor be in business, as 90% of our members joined for the discount. They simply find they enjoy their kit or sharing is caring & others join as a result.

How to share: simply apply or let them inhale an oil that fit's their need/desire. IE: Thieves for Immune enhancing, Stress Away or Peace & Calming to relax/rest better, PanAway for muscle tension, you get the idea.  Young Living has tons of resources in your Virtual office, including tips for your own use. Also a great Facebook Education Page, with lots of videos too!

Here's also other free down loadable resources like a simple script if wording is helpful, or a text-able 101 class you can send. 

How to make sure you get rewarded: Help them sign up on Young Living website using your Member # (came in an email) as sponsor & enroller, or send them this link with it, or call 800-371-3515. 


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