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I've helped Realtors attain over 5 million in Sales by using a simple system to remove odors & decorate...all while filling the air with 100% Pure Nature's Scent! 

Refresh the Air

AromaLux Diffuser:

  • Compact, Easy to Use
  • Use in small or large spaces
  • Dispels odors of : Pets, Musty, Smoke, Cooking, Plumbing and/or strong Remodel/Paint smells
  • Diffuses 100% Nature, nothing artificially offensive
  • Includes a free bottle of the most-used Essential Oil
Ambience & Air Purifying

Desert Mist or Owl Diffuser:

  • Increase Client Attraction
  • Colored Light Options
  • Diffuses 100% Nature's Botanicals
  • Desert Mist Diffuser comes with 2 oils: Tangerine fosters happiness & relaxation, Peppermint Oil is uplifting & energizing
  • Owl Diffuser is perfect in a child's room and includes the relaxing Lavender oil
  • Set your favorite Nature Sound Option

Here's what my clients are saying...

1. S. N. "In the large home I was getting ready to list, some major work was done to both remediate mold and plumbing issues. To rid the effect of cigarette smoke, we had it primed and painted, as well a cleaning service was bought in. This home was constantly being aired out, yet it never smelled right, ughh! I found it very easy to use the Aroma Lux to renew the air, so I highly recommend ordering these tools! During showings, I also used the Desert Mist diffuser in the kitchen and master bedroom. In the staged Children's room, I used the Owl Diffuser, it's white noise machine sounds, received many positive comments." 

2. J.B. said " After trying several ways to remediate a strong smell of Curry having been often cooked in a home I was listing, this simple device did the trick. I left it running overnight and by the next morning, the odor was gone! I've since used it for other situations as well. I appreciate that Young Living is the World's leading producer of pure Essential Oils, so could entrust my expensive listings to be made attractive in every way to clients, when using their lovely diffusers for showings, as well." 

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