I'm often asked which Essential Oil to use for a certain issue.  Since I'm not an Dr., the answer is none. A better question to consider is, what one can do to give their body healthy building blocks. Getting enough sleep, exercise & healthy foods are of great help. Additionally, Nature, in the form of Essential Oils, can be very supportive toward the goal of:


It's also vital to look at one's toxin exposure. Many mainline organizations are warning our homes are becoming more polluted than outdoor air!!! With cancer on the rise, could applying 60+ toxic personal care products to our bodies daily, be a contributor? Cleaning, laundry & home care products are often unhealthy as well. These can cause loss of energy, hormone disruption & more.

  What to do? Join millions by using our Young Living Lifestyle Essential Oil Infused Products!! We offer glorious, long lasting personal care products, including a pure line of Make-up.  Our 100% plant based (very concentrated) Thieves Cleaner, costs less than any so called "green" cleaner. No worries to buy it all at once, instead "ditch & switch" through our Rewards Program. A good start would be ordering  the Thieves Cleaner, Toothpaste & change out more items each month. That way your not spending extra, your replacing your products as you run out, with healthier ones. It's a win, win, for you, as you'll also earn points toward free product(s)! 

Unique Exotic Gifts for Your Beloved

Here's the featured items, prices  & a few other ideas: 
* if you are not a member & desire to save 24% off your current & future purchases (similar but better than Costco) the  Premium Starter Kit: With nearly 1,000 drops of 11 Essential Oils + extra items, is our best value , the ONLY 50% off retail purchase we offer for $160. For details, see  https://www.youngliving.com_enUS/products/premium-starter-kit-with-dewdrop
Another option, is to order the Basic Starter Kit,$45,, then add your own gift products.
 R=Retail, non-member price W= wholesale member price. 5ml bottles are about 85 drops, 15ml about 250 drops.  
Value Alert: Our oils are known to be long lasting, due to their strength, which is why a little goes a long way.

Essential Oil for Him:  Shutran (15ml $ R 101.64, W 77.25)  Idaho Blue Spruce (5ml $ R 38.82, W 29.50)
For Her: Sensation (5ml $ R 45.07, W 34.25) , Ylang ,Ylang (15ml $ R 55.26, W 42.00) (Comes in a lotion & Massage Oil) 
                     ART Beauty Mask (ingredients used for "Royalty",  think Cleopatra & Queens of renown)   4 pack($ R 62.50 w 47.50)
Desert Mist Diffuser, a romantic way to use the oils in your bedroom ($ R 83.88, W 63.75)   

Giving Back Through the Young Living Foundation

Giving  Back Through the Young Living Foundation
As I reflect, I have sooo very many blessings I'm grateful for: clean water, electricity, clothing, a roof over my head, the list could go on, including, as well, all the wonderful relationships I enjoy. It's also a privilege to  share Young Living Oils & products with so many, then to hear from them how it's enriching & improving their lives.

Did you know Young Living covers ALL the administrative costs of our Foundation, so 100% of donations go directly to their six charities? (In addition to as needed projects like Hurricane & Earthquake disaster support)
There's 4 easy ways one can give:  1. Click on the website link     2. Round up your Young Living Product order. (if everyone did this, it adds up to $4 million annually)  3. Add a donation to your order at the check-out page  
4. When ordering on Amazon at .  (find Young Living Foundation to select as your beneficiary , It might be under D. Gary Young Foundation, the previous name) 

These are the ongoing projects & a brief description of each one. (For more in depth information see link above)
1. Hope for Justice: Freeing & Restorative Care for those stuck in the horrible slave trade.
2. Rebuild Nepal: Post 2015 Earthquake rebuilding. Some homes & 1 school are rebuilt with more to come.  Incomes are  restored by offering training & local trades.  The new school is our 2d Young Living Academy, with child sponsorships available.
3.  African Hearts: Rescuing orphaned kids from the slums into transitional homes providing food, health care, clothing & schooling. Each home has resident caring  adults to help the children grow & flourish with love.
4.  Young Living Academy Ecuador:  Education & trade school learning, for kids K-12, serving now 340 students. 2 classes have already graduated.  Each child is sponsored to provide meals, uniforms & health care. 
5.  Soul Hope: Freedom from foot-related diseases, isolation & possible gangrene. Providing medical care & shoes to help remove & remain Jigger free. (A disease carrying, pain causing parasitic sand flea that imbeds into bare feet in certain African Areas. ) 
6.  Healing Faith Uganda: Malaria eradication & treatment. Many with malaria have received treatment & thousands of mosquito nets have been distributed.

This photo is of our founder D. Gary Young & his son arriving in Yarsa, Nepal bringing warm blankets & equipment needed to start the initial rebuilding. He, his teenage son & other volunteers started debris clearing to the surprise of the villagers, who had never seen any important "dignitaries" actually lift a hand to help. They were most shocked an American Teenager would put so much sweat effort into all he did, sleeping in a tent with no available showers, as well as playing soccer with the village kids.  In winter of '16, Gary mushed through 2 freezing dog sled races in Alaska, all with the purpose of raising funds to build more houses. 


I am thrilled to introduce Young Living's  new "Gentle Mist"  Portable Hand Held Diffuser (item #5341) !!! This is perfect for facial care, travel, college students, at the office & more! (The 2017 Holiday set, while supplies last, comes with a bonus 85drop Lavender Oil.) Frankincense, the oil of Queens (think Cleopatra), is another great facial oil to add to your order. (Item #3548 or 3550.) If the set is not available, you can still order the Gentle Mist & add a 250 drop bottle of Lavender (#3575), you'll receive so  many benefits from it.

The best offer around is our Premium Starter Kit, the only option that's 1/2 off the price of ordering the same items retail!  The other benefit is 24% off for future orders, wow!!! You'll receive nearly a 1,000 drops of our most used Essential oils, Frankincense & Lavender are included in it, a Home diffuser of choice & other goodies. ( no auto-ship required.)   Scroll up to order or read more. 

About Essential Oils

About Essential Oils
Essential Oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits.  Young Living, as the World Leader, has been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, introducing millions worldwide to physical, emotional &/or spiritual wellness that can be truly life changing!  I have found this to be true in both my life, my friends, family and clients.
Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping and cold pressing, pure essential oils are powerful. Anytime you hold Young Living's Essential Oils, you hold Nature's Pure essence! 

How to Use Essential Oils
You can access their power through diffusion, topical application and/or dietary consumption. Most people order our Premium Starter Kit, as it contains the best of everything, all the information you'll need to start using the most popular 11 different bottles of oil, along with our beautiful, yet convenient diffuser, as well as other goodies.
Young Living is the only company to introduce a "Vitality" Line of approved ingestible Essential Oils. These maybe added to liquids or drinks.  (Every day I add Lemon or Peppermint to my water glass. I also enhance the taste & amp up  my health by adding a drop of either Orange or Thieves to my tea. In the summer, I've added Lime to Seltzer water with a dash of Stevia)
The other uses for our Vitality Line is to enhance favorite recipes, our Citrus Fresh Vitality adds a unique zing to roasted chicken. Our Young Living  Pinterest page (click on at bottom) is full of recipe ideas. Many of us have added certain Vitality Oils to vegie capsules as well.

It's time for you to enhance every aspect of your health, be it physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. 
Our Essential oils support every body  system! They are perfect for you,  your family, including children or your furry friends.
 I also recommend you embrace the Young Living Lifestyle by adding our Essential Oil Infused products for all your daily needs such as personal, skin & oral care. You will want to order our flagship Thieves Products, like our Concentrated Cleaner, Hand Purifier and Spray. Our Thieves Cough Drops will get rid of that telltale tickle in the throat no one wants to experience.  Our Supplement line is enhanced with essential oils to make them the most bio-available to your body & boost their effect. 

You'll receive more than a product, you'll receive a personal wellness advisor!
I am here to answer questions and ensure you receive what is needed to help you on this exciting journey!  
Click the "See Starter Kits" button above, choose your favorite diffuser and get ready for one of the best adventures in wellness you've ever had! 

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