Check these out or order here, be aware, there's an extremely large demand for the Sanitizer, so it maybe limited or temporarily out of stock, if so, simply choose another size.: 1. Thieves 1oz Hand Sanitizer  link 7.6oz or 16 Oz. 2. Thieves Spray 3. Thieves Foaming Hand Soap 4. Thieves Vitality Essential Oil 5. Thieves Cough Drops (if out of stock may consider subbing with the Lozenges 6. Thieves Chest Rub 7. Thieves Starter Bundle A (A $30 savings) 8. Thieves (Concentrated) Household Cleaner 
Here's the articles re the FDA Allowing (Very Toxic Impurities in Hand Sanitizers) & the FDA RE Antibacterial Soaps Doubtful & potential negative effects


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