I am thrilled to introduce Young Living's  new "Gentle Mist"  Portable Hand Held Diffuser (item #5341) !!! This is perfect for facial care, travel, college students, at the office & more! (The 2017 Holiday set, while supplies last, comes with a bonus 85drop Lavender Oil.) Frankincense, the oil of Queens (think Cleopatra), is another great facial oil to add to your order. (Item #3548 or 3550.) If the set is not available, you can still order the Gentle Mist & add a 250 drop bottle of Lavender (#3575), you'll receive so  many benefits from it.

The best offer around is our Premium Starter Kit, the only option that's 1/2 off the price of ordering the same items retail!  The other benefit is 24% off for future orders, wow!!! You'll receive nearly a 1,000 drops of our most used Essential oils, Frankincense & Lavender are included in it, a Home diffuser of choice & other goodies. ( no auto-ship required.)   Scroll up to order or read more. 


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