Pets, Part 2
Young Living has an entire line of pure plant based products specifically formulated to take  care of your furry family member.
 We have three Essential Oils that are often used together for supporting great skin health for your pet.
1. Puriclean (#5268) for a quick skin cleansing spritz.  2. Infect Away (#5271)  & 3. Mendwell (#5269) can be used topically. 

RepelAroma (#5272) is formulated to give your pet freedom while outside.  Spritz thoroughly on fur, then rub in.                                          
ParaGize  (#5270)  1 or 2 drops is very supportive, especially after outdoor exploration or swimming.  
Animal Scents Shampoo (#5167) effectively cleans, conditions & protects your pets coat.     
 Animal Scents Ointment (#5165) is a soothing salve with Myrrh & other protective essential oils.                                           
Animal Scents Dental Pet Chew (#5761) is a unique tasty treat to support oral care & remove plaque.

Dogs and horses resonate very well with essential oils, we recommend you dilute accordingly to the size of your pet. 
Seek the advice of a competent trained veterinarian with knowledge of essential oil use for specific type of disease treatment. There are also Essential Oil Animal Reference Guides written with wonderful tried and true usages for training, grooming, travelling and more. 
Be aware, Cats metabolize oils very differently, due to their liver, it's critical to use only therapeutic oils.  You may find this blog helpful to understand more

The  best gift you can give your pet, besides feeding them a nutritional diet, is a non-toxic environment!
 It's important to especially avoid fabric softeners, aerosol sprays, plug-ins & many chemical based cleaners. Our plant based Concentrated Thieves Cleaner has over 25 usages for your home.

(B.T.W. if any of the above mentioned oils are temporarily out of season, please know we have many other essential oil substitutions, contact me for additional ideas)


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