A Better way & F.D.A. Antibacterial  ban
Some of you may have seen the recent news, including the F.D.A.'s warning that Antibacterial Soaps likely do more harm than good. Of course this will apply at some point to "Hand Sanitizers.  Are you ready to stop trusting what's on the store shelves & instead  say no to as many of the 168 chemicals most people put on their bodies on a daily basis?  I'm here to help!  
1. What if there's a Nature-Filled alternative to chemically laden products?
2.  What if it's long-lasting, with a truly clean immune enhancing formula?
3. What if it makes your hands feel soft, rather than dry or sticky?
4.  What if 2 or 3 drops provides ample coverage
5. What if it smells refreshing & uplifting?
Our Thieves Hand Purifier has all those great features to offer you in 2 sizes.
Our purse size available as a single or 3-pack, or our new 7 1/2 oz. pump, perfect for office, home or both.









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