Understanding how our emotions work and how our brain processes them, is key to understanding the pathway in  which we can overcome and let go. We have a limbic system, often referred to as the “emotional brain”, residing within the cerebrum. This portion of the brain handles emotional response, hormone function, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and sense of smell. In addition to being closely tied to our sense of smell, emotions can affect so many other things in our lives, including memory, sexual desire, reproduction, sleep, and overall homeostasis. 
Did you know Essential Oils from 100% Nature, without synthetics or fillers, affects the Limbic System to foster an emotional shift in response to the smell? (I only recommend Young Living as they're 25 years the Worlds Leader) You're likely aware the experience of smelling something often triggers a memory. What's amazing is because of the unique direct relationship between emotions and olfaction within the brain, essential oils can help “unlock” stored memories and emotions. These Oils also have proven beneficial to professionals as they help to anchor affirmations, intentions & goals deeper into your being.  Here's a short video to explain more: Intro to Releasing Emotional Patterns (If time, watch her following video showing how to)
Wonderful resources to consider choosing what might be a fit for you: 

In using these Oils & going through the process, I was pleasantly surprised, as a result of doing the inner work, the outer improved! If you'd like to understand the link between disease & emotions, here's an Article from Harvard E.D.U.
I'm here to offer you concierge service along with resources, to ensure you understand how to use our Essential Oil ils in the way that fits you best. 



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